GVP provides ideal classrooms to its students which help them to think positively. Classrooms are well ventilated and furnished. Students are provided with an ideal environment to concentrate in studies and learn new skills for their overall development. Different important lessons of life are taught to students within these four walls which will help them in a long run. Benches are also well furnished which make students more comfortable and increase their concentration.


GVP provides the facility of R.O. water for the well being of its students and staff. Refrigerated water is free from impurities which keep students away from diseases. RO purification and filtration processes not only supply non-stop cold water but also ensure its purity for safe consumption. Refrigerated water prevent many infections and mild poisioning too which help students to stay healthy and grow in a disease free environment.


GVP provide its students the opportunity to develop their computer skills in computer lab. Students are taught different technical skills which help them to learn various new techniques required in today's world. Different aspects of computer are made clear to students so that they can differentiate between software and hardware parts of computer and also implement these skills to develop new applications. Practical approach is used to make students understand the working of computer and are made aware about different storage devices, input devices, output devices, etc used today and which were used before for data storage.


GVP provide the facility of auditorium to carry out different activities like debate, speech, quiz competition, etc. Students are encouraged to come and speak in front of crowd so that they could develop their communication skills. These activities make students better leaders of tomorrow and give them the confidence to face the world.


GVP provides the facility of Genset, a diesel generator used to provide power backup in case of power failure. It is noise and air pollution free which does not harm its surrounding areas. Being noise free, it does not disturb students and they are able to concentrate better in their studies. Students can focus better and remain healthy too.


GVP provide the facility of bus transportation to fetch students from different corners. Bus conductors are also provided for the convenience of students. Bus reaches at specified bus stops on time and conductors make sure that students do not engage in unwanted quarrels. School buses are serviced from time to time so that they do not break down in between.


GVP provide the facility of indoor play area to its students. Students nurture different qualities like sharing, honesty etc. by playing in play area. Teachers keep an eye on students when they play and guide them from time to time to play games in proper manner.


GVP provide the facility of science lab to its students. The lab is well equipped with instruments, specimens, charts etc. which make it easy for the students to learn different concepts. Practicals help students to have deep knowledge about the topics covered in their syllabus. Every year latest instruments, specimens etc. are purchased to improve students learning experience.

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