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Gyan Vidya Peeth is a progressive Co-educational English medium school affiliated with the Department of School Education, Haryana. GVP is determined to provide all students with an outstanding education that motivates them to reach their full potential and discovers their interest and talents, pursue their goals, and dreams and succeed in higher education. The school aims to develop student's skills to make a better tomorrow. Different activities are organised from time to time to provide opportunities for students to showcase their knowledge like quiz competitions, poster making, debates, speeches, etc. All these activities are organised to bring the best out of students. The staff of GVP make sure that every student in the class learns new concepts with thorough understanding. Experimental knowledge is also imparted to the students to clear their doubts if any and are encouraged to bring some concepts from theories given before. Recognition details are -

Keeping ourselves up with the pace of the modern world, Complete Digitization of the school was undertaken which transformed the entire school chore channel through Information Technology, bringing in more transparency and enhanced communication with parents and the community.
It gave numerous advantages to the parents, teachers and the school itself. Parents can keep real-time track of the status of their child for Daily Attendance, Fee status, Periodic Results, School Circulars and News, etc. through the WEB PORTAL.
As a new endeavour, we took a giant leap in the examination procedure this year by replacing the conventional regime of manually prepared Reports-cards by the teachers with Computer Generated Report-Cards.


GYAN VIDYA PEETH School is the outcome of ardent zeal; a dream and mission, a manifestation seen by the passionate eyes and vision of Shri Suresh Chander Gupta Gyan Education Society. The Society was established in 2001. The school is the dream project of the General Secretary Mr Devender Singal a visionary educationist, they've always nurtured the dream of building a utopian knowledge centre where I will nourish the mind, body and soul of every child, shaping the individual into a well-rounded global citizen. They are a team of dedicated professionals working together to set up a new benchmark in the field of education. Their motto is "creating future leaders using technical revolutions and instilling values."

Our Vision

Continuously Thrive For the Excellence, Growth And Success Of Our Pupils.

Motivate students to work hard in their field of interest

Encourage independent learning.


Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. GYAN VIDYA PEETH envisages all its students to realise their true potential and prepare them to face every aspect of life by


(Take a look at what our school has to offer)
Warm and welcoming with neat and clean pathways allowing excellent, access to all the pupils and adults.
Play way centre for tiny tots provides the best environment to give a joyous start to the learning journey of little ones. It provides a safe ambience where learning and caring go hand in hand

Classrooms -
The school encompasses a unique infrastructure. It has a very spacious well-designed building with a multicolour thematic approach.
The school has an aesthetically done-up Montessori room equipped with various learning aids and play way toys to provide a wonderful learning experience for tiny tots.

Labs -
Fully equipped integrated Science lab for practical work of the budding scientist, Computer lab and auditorium to further facilitate the learning experience of children and Math's Lab to inculcate learning of basic operations and formulations of mathematical expressions with a large no of tools available. The simulation environment helps students to understand the core concept and then build such projects which solve real-time issues.

Play Structure -
"Play is the work of the child"
Today it is almost universally accepted that children develop and learn principally through play. Another way of looking at this quote is that for children play is as serious an undertaking as the work of adults. Play has a formative role in the development of many capacities and skill areas in children. Fully equipped dance and music room Arena: the school provides equitable access to music and dance and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning. Our aim is to foster an appreciation for music, build self-esteem, and teach criticism. Social skills and engender creativity and innovation. Music education in the school is well rounded including both Indian Classical and Western music.

Library -
"Fostering the love for the magical world of reading"
Reading is probably one skill which allows the human mind to broaden its horizon. Though the kinds of books we read and the medium on which we read them have changed over time, reading remains to be a top priority in any language curriculum. The child who reads well is in a position to figure out the answers on his/her own. This in turn impacts his/her performance in both oral and written examinations while relieving her/him of the bother of memorizing.

The Sports Facilities -
The school has a lush green field providing adequate opportunities for its students to participate in various games. The school has indoor facilities of a badminton court, volleyball ground, table tennis, and chess. Qualified instructors are appointed to coach the students.

Health and Hygiene -
The school lunch arena serves nourishing in the most hygienic conditions. The school has a spacious well-furnished area.

R/O water system -
It provides clean and impurities-free drinking water which is cooled during summer.

Transport -
An air-conditioned/ Non AC fleet of busses manned by trained and courteous staff makes commuting a safe and enjoyable experience.


We are glad to announce that Gyan Vidya Peeth has been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence in the category of FUTURE READY INFRASTRUCTURE SCHOOL in Education during the 15th Education Summit - Time 2 Grow held at EROS HOTEL DELHI.

Felicitated by Dr. Manmeet Singh Manna Former Director- AICTE, Mr. Manmeet Khurana - CEO -Time to Grow & Founder Hero Motocorp India


Admission Open For Session 2022-23

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